We are specialists in business to business strategy and marketing, with extensive experience in technical and industrial sectors.

Our Methodology

Our methodology is based on a unique value chain approach.

Decision Influencers

Relationships are key to business success but there are a mix of consolidated and fragmented relationships that need to be managed efficiently. There is likely to be a mix of technical and practical people who need to be communicated with in different ways along the value chain.

Information Based

The potential customer base is relatively finite and substantial data can be gathered to make fact based decisions. Databases can be a powerful tool for communications, and for tracking business progress.

Marketing and Communications

Traffic has expertise in the most effective ways to communicate in technical and industrial markets. Significant traction can be achieved with effective branding and marketing support throughout the channel, even with limited budgets.

The Process

Our process can help you identify how to defend and grow your business in an increasingly competitive environment.

Value chain map

A map of your value chain provides the information required to make good decisions. The map details the changing market landscape, structure, trends and issues that your business and your competitors businesses are facing.

Business defence strategy:

Businesses are challenged by increasing competition, with market share and prices under severe pressure. Traffic can help identify ways to defend against competition and improve price positioning.

Business growth strategy:

A well defined market map provides valuable data that reveals new insights, creating opportunities to grow and differentiate your business.

Implementation programme:

As a specialist in commercial markets, Traffic has the expert resources and experience to create high traction programmes to defend and grow your business.

Making it Happen

Traffic is New Zealand’s leading business to business growth specialist. We are unique in New Zealand in the range of services we provide, from the development of new business and marketing strategies to the rollout of branding and communications campaigns.

Unlike traditional consultants our services don’t stop at writing reports. Traffic has an experienced team of business, marketing and financial experts who can work with the CEO and management team to run implementation programmes and provide the short term resource to get new initiatives underway.

Traffic provides the branding and communications expertise required to ensure that the key drivers of the business strategy are effectively addressed through marketing activity.

Our Offer

Integrated business strategy, marketing, branding and communications. Our capabilities range from identifying and developing the business strategy to roll out and implementation in the market. Examples of typical projects include:

Business Strategy

Mapping the structure, networks, trends and issues of the markets you are competing in order to create growth and strong defensive programmes.

  • New business strategy
  • New market identification
  • Differentiating in commodity markets
  • Defending against imports
  • Franchise development
  • New business unit establishment
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • New business model creation
Marketing Programmes

Establishing the brand and communications platform required to add value and differentiate your offer.

  • Channel alignment programmes
  • Marketing plans
  • Communications plans
  • Sales strategy
  • Market and product development
  • Development of value propositions
  • Market research
Branding and Communications

Generating demand and converting it is a process like any other business discipline. A weak link at any stage will limit business success. We will design a process and the sales and marketing activities required at each stage to drive the business and marketing strategy.

  • New branding
  • Database marketing
  • Integrated Website
  • Brochures
  • Apple Apps
  • Newsletters
  • Blog sites
  • Facebook
  • Web Optimisation

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